18th - 26th
September 2021

Walks Joining Instructions & Other Important Information




Please note - In the interests of other walkers, wildlife and livestock, dogs are not allowed on any festival walks.


The majority of our main programme walks will start at The Station, Richmond, DL10 4LD. This is on the road from Richmond to Catterick Garrison, just over Mercury Bridge. A free parking space will be allocated for any cars left during the day. We encourage guests to car-share wherever possible and to contribute to the driver's fuel and, where applicable, parking costs incurred at walk start points. 

Please ensure you are at the Station or other meeting point in plenty of time so we can get away promptly at the time shown in the programme.

It should be noted that walk start points can be located up to a maximum of one hour's drive away from Richmond, though the majority are considerably closer. Meeting and start times for individual walks are clearly stated in the walks programme.  


If you are using your own transport arrangements, or are staying close to the walk start point and do not need to come to Richmond to car share, please advise when booking, or ring 079563 60168.  Please note this phone number will only be in operation during the period of the Festival. Similarly, please advise us on this same phone number if, for any reason, you are unable to make a walk that you have booked for. 

For general walk enquiries, particularly where these are before the festival period, please email info@booksandboots.org


Please carry food and drink. A drink and lunch break will generally be taken en-route, so please bring suitable provisions with you.

Ensure you wear suitable clothing and footwear with additional layers and wet weather gear should the need arise. The walk leader has the right to refuse any person for whom the walk would, in their opinion, be inappropriate or whose equipment is considered sub-standard (see below). E.g. trainers and jeans are not suitable.

The leader also has the right to alter the route due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Do inform the leader of any medical conditions that you consider they should take into consideration, e.g. food stops for people with diabetes. If you have a chronic medical condition, please ensure that you take enough medication with you.


The following is considered a minimum requirement

  • Food and Drink
  • Spare sweater / fleece
  • Hat and gloves
  • Walking boots
  • Rucksack
  • Waterproofs

[Note that some walks are in wild and open country at altitudes above 1000 feet, where weather conditions can be noticeably different to that in the valley bottoms.]


Although the event has Public Liability cover, all participants are encouraged to provide their own accident cover. It should be noted that rambling / hiking exposes participants to natural hazards. The Richmond Walking & Book Festival cannot be held responsible for any injury occurring during a walk.


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