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September 2024

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What we've learned so far
James Gravenor
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What we've learned so far

More to come

What have we learned so far:

To prove the existence of a right of way you can go back to 3rd September 1189.

Ernest Shackleton failed at every business venture he undertook.

The Robert Stevenson Railway Company and its descendants made trains in Darlington until 1964.

A group of young women made clothes in a fashion salon in Auschwitz for the wives of high ranking German officers - they sewed to survive.

May Sinclair, the leading woman novelist of her time, spent several years in Reeth writing some of her novels.

Mrs Sage was the first British woman to fly (in a balloon).

Up to 1000 women voted in the 1868 general election as a result of Lydia Becker's campaigning.

There's still more to come:

Thursday 21st September 7:30 at Richmond School - Otherlands learn about the prehistoric world

Friday 22nd September 11:00 at The Station get an insight into the minds of dogs and at 7:30 in the Town Hall delve into  20th Centrury Yorkshire with Andrew Martin and Matson Taylor

Saturday 23rd September 7:30 at the Georgian Theatre Royal - learn about the remarkable life of Sir Nick Young

And complete the Festival at 7:30 in the Town Hall by learning about the role of birds in two world wars


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