20th - 29th
September 2024

Sunday 16th Jun 2024

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Roger Morgan-Grenville: “Across a Waking Land”

Richmond Town Hall, DL10 4QL | 7.30pm| £10

In March 2022, acclaimed nature writer Roger Morgan-Grenville set out on a 1000-mile walk, from the Solent to Cape Wrath, to follow the spring as it progressed northwards at a speed of 20 miles per day – roughly the pace at which the oak leaves emerge. Concerned by species loss in the UK, he met the individuals who are helping to reverse it, from the allotments of Sheffield to the peat bogs of Kielder, from regenerative farming in the Cotswolds to the reintroduction of beavers near Inverness. Battling Covid, blizzards and age, encountering the kindness of strangers, Roger’s epic eight-week adventure is both life-affirming and life-changing.

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