18th - 26th
September 2021

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E8: Laura Wood and ‘A Snowfall of Silver’

Tuesday 21 Sept 2021

Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond DL10 4DW; 7.30pm; £10 from: www.georgiantheatreroyal.co.uk; Bar; Bookstall; Disabled access

As well as discussing the challenges of writing historical fiction and the research required, Laura Wood will also talk about her novel ‘Snowfall of Silver’, inspired by the Georgian Theatre Royal.

Shortlisted for The Booksellers’ YA Award, ‘A Snowfall of Silver’ is a snow-dusted love story set in Autumn 1931. Impetuous Freya Trevelyan runs away from her home in Cornwall to follow her dream of becoming an actress but can reality ever live up to her expectations?


Sponsors: Millgate House www.millgatehouse.com

W12: Wensleydale Challenge – Leg 4 – Naughtberry Hill and Buckden Pike - new

Wednesday 22 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park at 9.00am. Start at Newbiggin in Bishopdale at the Lay-by at Cross Lanes (GR: SD999857) at 9.45am 15 Miles. Hard. £7 (£6 if all 6 stages booked)

North Yorkshire has many ‘Newbiggins’. This one in Bishopdale is a typical ribbon village.   We head off up Wasset Fell and onto Naughtberry Hill at 1,879 feet.  We continue up the moor to the grand Buckden Pike at 2,303 feet, overlooking Wharfedale to the south.  We then make our way through the lead mine remains to Bishopdale Head. After a short road section we cross the beck and descend the ‘U’ shaped Bishopdale through the fields and the outskirts of Thoralby before returning to Cross Lanes.

Sponsored by: The Sirius Group   www.thesiriusgroup.com

W13: Gunnerside and Surrender Bridge

Wednesday 22 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park at 9.15am. Start Gunnerside Village Hall (GR: SD952982) at 10.00am. 8 Miles Moderate. £7

We start in the village of Gunnerside with a stiff climb up onto Melbecks Moor. We will see lots of evidence of the different industries and land uses that have helped shape the Swaledale we know today. We pass through sheep farms before we emerge onto the wide vistas of the grouse shooting moor, and will learn about how the moor is managed for this purpose.  We will see lots of evidence of the former lead mining industry, including many interesting ruins of buildings connected with that period of activity, as we descend to Surrender Bridge. We finish along part of the Swaledale Marathon route back to Gunnerside, along a path which gives superb views up Swaledale. This walk is on good paths and vehicle tracks throughout.

Sponsored by: Purple Creative www.purplecs.com

W14: Coverdale’s “Dairy Days” - new

Wednesday 22 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park 9.15am. Start at Carlton in Coverdale Village Hall (GR: SE069847) at 10.00am. 8 Miles. Moderate. £7

Based on a recent Yorkshire Dales National Park community history project this 8 mile walk explores some of Coverdale’s dairying heritage from ancient times to the present day as well as sampling the delights of the Coverdale countryside, its pretty villages and monastic past. Starting from Carlton, the principal village, the route takes us up onto the moor below Penhill before making a circuit of both sides of the valley. Whilst often a gentle ramble the route does involve a couple of steeper sections when we access vantage points from which there are ‘potentially’ exceptional views.

H2: Carlton & Stanwick - new

Wednesday 22 Sept 2021

Start at Eppleby Village Shop (GR: NZ178132).at 10.15 am. 3.5 Miles. Easy. Free just turn up on the day.  Ample parking around the Village Green. 

This short walk, with plenty of historic interest, takes us through the fields and lanes alongside Forcett Beck before joining Mary Wild Beck where we enter the Iron Age Fort and Earthworks at Stanwick. We pass through the ancient Kirkbridge churchyard and briefly explore the English Heritage site (Free).  We head back across the fields for a welcome cuppa at the Village Store Café.  Please Note: This walk can be a bit boggy in a couple of places after heavy rain so please wear appropriate footwear.

E9: Graham Berry and ‘A Short History of Richmond Racecourse and its Grandstand’

Wednesday 22 Sept 2021

The Station, Richmond DL10 4LD; 11.00am to midday; £5; Café/restaurant; Bookstall; Disabled access

Graham Berry spoke at The Walking and Book Festival in 2018 on his then newly-published popular history book, ‘Aftermath 1918 -1924: Years That Shaped The Twentieth Century’.

He returns this year with a talk on a recently-published collaboration with The Richmond Burgage Pastures Committee and racing historian, Professor Mike Huggins, ’A Short History of Richmond Racecourse and its Grandstand.

Graham’s talk will give a fascinating and entertaining insight into one of Richmond’s lesser-known, but important, historical sites.

In partnership with Richmond 950 www.richmond950.co.uk and sponsored by: The Station www.thestation.co.uk

Graham will be leading walk W18 “Richmond’s Racing Heritage” on the Thursday of Festival week which will visit important sites in the history of racing in the town. Please book separately for this walk

T2: Exploring Richmond

Wednesday 22 Sept 2021

Meet outside the Town Hall at 12.00 noon. Free but donations to the Richmond Mayor’s Charity most welcome.

Your costumed guide, a Richmond policeman of 1842, takes you for a walk back in time lasting just over one hour.


E10: Sally Magnusson, ‘The Sealwoman’s Gift’ and ‘The Ninth Child’

Wednesday 22 Sept 2021

Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond DL10 4DW; 7.30pm; £15 from www.georgiantheatreroyal.co.uk; Bar; Bookstall; Disabled access

Sally Magnusson, author and BBC presenter, is the eldest daughter of the Icelandic journalist and broadcaster Magnus Magnusson and the Scottish newspaper journalist Mamie Baird.

Author of the best-selling ‘The Sealwoman’s Gift’ and ‘The Ninth Child’, her writing has been strongly influenced by growing up in and around Glasgow in houses that were always filled with stories including those hilariously told by her mother about her early life in working class Rutherglen as well as those told by Magnus straight from the medieval Icelandic sagas which he spent much of her childhood translating from Old Norse into English.

Listen to Sally ‘in conversation’ to find out more…


Sponsors: Millgate House   www.millgatehouse.com

W15: Wensleydale Challenge – Leg 5 – Addlebrough and Stake Allotments - new

Thursday 23 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park at 9.00am Start at pull-in (4-5 cars) about 1Km before Cubeck (GR: SD963894) at 9.45am 12 Miles. Hard. £7 (£6 if all 6 stages booked)

Addlebrough is the distinctive small hill on the left-hand side of Wensleydale. We use the National Trust Permissive Path to get to the summit at 1,451 feet. The path takes us on to Carpley Green Farm where we pick up Busk Lane and cross the attractive heathland where curlew and oystercatchers can usually be seen. High Lane then takes us down through the limestone landscape to the hamlet of Stalling Busk in Raydale, with its views over Semerwater, to The Cam High Road. We follow the route of Wainwrights’s ‘Pennine Journey’ north to Bainbridge with a fine view of the remains of the Roman Fort.  From here we contour back along the escarpment via Cubeck to our starting point.   

Sponsored by: The Sirius Group   www.thesiriusgroup.com    

W16: Keld and Birkdale Tarn – “Seasons on the Hill Farm” – new

Thursday 23 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park 9.00am.  Start at Rukins Farm Car Park, Keld (GR: NY893012) at 10.00am. 7 Miles. Moderate. £7

This walk in Upper Swaledale visits the area covered in Ian Short’s latest book “Seasons on the Hill Farm” in which, using words and photographs, he describes the farming year of Swaledale Sheep breeders, the Calvert Family. Their farm is situated in Birkdale, the most northerly dale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. From Keld we will follow the River Swale past waterfalls to the confluence of two becks which marks the source of the Swale. We then take a short detour across moorland heather to visit magical Birkdale Tarn. As a photographer and geographer Ian will bring a wealth of knowledge to impart along the way. Please note that Ian will be speaking about his book in Event E4 of our Festival book programme on Monday 21st.

Sponsored by: Altberg www.altberg.co.uk

W17: A Masham Circular – new

Thursday 23 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park 9.15am.  Start at Riverside Long Stay Car Park (Honesty Box) in Masham (GR: SE225810) at 10.00am. 11.5 Miles. Moderate. £7

Our walk takes us north alongside the River Ure up to Low Ellington, then along a mixture of tracks, lanes and quiet roads through the villages of Ellingstring and Healey. We continue to walk on field paths before joining a stretch of the Ripon Rowel Walk which takes us back to the pretty Market Town of Masham.

W18: Richmond’s Racing Heritage – new

Thursday 23 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park at 9.30am. Start at Whashton Road carpark adjacent to the Racecourse site (GR: NZ171020) at 9.45am. 8 Miles. Moderate. £7

Richmond has a long and illustrious horse racing history dating from the 16th Century until the closure of the Low Moor Racecourse in 1891. The route goes across the racecourse site and then climbs up the beautiful and surprisingly isolated valley of Coalsgarth with its old limestone kilns and abandoned farmhouses. We walk up hill to The High Moor, the first of the possible original sites of horse racing in Richmond before the move to The Low Moor. The route will then return to the other ‘High Moor’ which has traditionally been held to be the site of Richmond’s annual races before 1765. We visit Willance’s Leap and two famous racing stables before returning to the Low Moor to complete the final furlong! Leader Graham Berry will describe the rich history of the various racing landmarks on the route.

He will be giving a Festival talk (E9) on Wednesday 22nd September based on his book which has recently been published by the Burgage Pastures Committee as ‘A Short History of Richmond Racecourse and its Grandstand’. 

H3: Gillingwood Hall - new

Thursday 23 Sept 2021

Start opposite Gilling West Village Hall (GR: NZ183051) at 10.15am. 3.8 Miles. Easy. Free just turn up on the day.  

In spring this is a favourite bluebell walk. By the end of September we should get some autumn tints in this lovely woodland.  We cross the fields to the hamlet of Hartforth with its interesting modern turreted house. We pick up Jagger Lane, once used to carry lead on horseback, up through the bluebell woods.   We leave the lane to skirt the horse fields round to the Grade 2 listed Gillingwood Hall with its mysterious follies, once part of the 18th century Hall which burnt down in 1750. Old Hall Lane takes us back to Gilling West.

E11: Judith Bromley and ‘The Birth of a Book’

Thursday 23 Sept 2021

The Station, Richmond DL10 4LD; 11.00am - midday; £5; Café/restaurant; Bookstall; Disabled access

Judith Bromley lives in Wensleydale and has spent much of her time out in the dales landscape in all weathers - walking, painting and writing.

She will tell the story of how the book ‘Climb up to the Moor’ evolved and then became a touring exhibition highlighting the importance of our moorlands especially for carbon capture and storage.

‘The more time I spent up on the moorland with the calls of curlew and lapwing, the more I rediscovered my true relationship with the earth.’


Sponsored by: The Station www.thestation.co.uk

E12: Dr Remi Adekoya and ‘Biracial Britain’

Thursday 23 Sept 2021

Richmond Library DL10 4AE; 7.30pm; £10; Bookstall

Dr Remi Adekoya is an Associate Lecturer of Politics at the University of York. In his book ‘Biracial Britain’, he examines through a series of thought-provoking interviews, what it truly means to be of mixed-race in Britain today…the fastest growing minority group in the country.

Remi Adekoya is the son of a Nigerian father and a Polish mother. Before joining academia, he was a political journalist who has written for the Guardian, the Washington Post, Politico, Spectator and The Times. He will be in conversation with Gerry Foley, journalist and broadcaster with ITV Tyne Tees.


Sponsored by: Cordilleras House: www.cordillerashouse.co.uk and Frenchgate Guest House www.66frenchgate.com

W19: Wensleydale Challenge – Leg 6 – Raydale, Jeffrey Pot and Wether Fell - new

Friday 24 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park at 9.00am Start Marsett Village Green by the bridge (GR: SD904863) at 10.00am. 11 Miles. Hard. £7 (£6 if all 6 stages booked)

Marsett sits in Raydale above Semerwater and we follow a leafy lane to the holiday complex at Raydale House. From here a steep shooting track takes us up Billingside Moor and over the grouse moor crossing the 2,000 feet contour. We are on the edge of Yockenthwaite Moor, reputed to be the boggiest in the Dales (for those who joined us in that year - remember 2018!). We turn north west however and cross the dramatic Jeffery Pot Scar at 1,995 feet. We traverse the head of Bardale Beck to the Roman Cam High Road which climbs Wether Fell (Drumaldrace) at 2,014 feet. We follow the Roman Road until we reach the steep path which drops back down to Marsett with fine views of Semerwater.

Sponsored by: The Sirius Group   www.thesiriusgroup.com

W20: Muker and Keld – River Trust Walk and Talk - new

Friday 24 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park at 9.00am. Start Muker car park (charges) (GR: SD910978) at 10.00am. 6 miles. Moderate. £7

This year our walk led by staff from the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust moves up towards the source of the Swale. The aim will be to look at the river system between Muker and Keld, taking us up one of the most picturesque valleys in this part of the Dales. We walk up one side of the valley to Keld, visiting the impressive waterfall at Kisdon Force. We return on the other side of the valley, visiting the ruins of Crackpot Hall on the way downstream.

Sponsored by: The Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust   www.ydrt.org.uk

W21: A Turner Trail: Cotterdale and Mossdale from Hawes - new

Friday 24 Sept 2021

Leave Station car park 9.15am. Start Hawes Dales Countryside Museum car park (charges) (GR: SD 875899) at 10.00am. 10 miles. Moderate. £7

Some years ago Welcome to Yorkshire completed a project on JMW Turner’s legacy and the viewpoints that he sketched or painted on his many visits to the area. We will follow one of the walking routes developed at that time which takes us to a couple of the viewpoints he painted, and in particular Mossdale Falls which he sketched on his 1816 visit. Needless to say there are many other grand vistas in this beautiful part of Wensleydale, not least a chance to visit the lovely remote valley of Cotterdale, and the villages of this part of the Dale.

E13: Jane Hatcher and ‘The Richmondians’

Friday 24 Sept 2021

The Station, Richmond DL10 4LD; 11.00am - midday; £5; Café/restaurant; Bookstall; Disabled access

Richmond writer Jane Hatcher is bringing out a book to coincide with the 950 celebrations in 2021. Called ‘Richmondians’, it celebrates men and women who have been connected with the town of Richmond in a variety of ways over its 950-year history.

The talk will discuss how she chose them, and why, and how she compiled their brief biographies. What, if anything, have the individuals left behind them in the town today? How do their stories reflect life in Richmond in their day?

In partnership with Richmond 950 www.richmond950.co.uk Sponsored by: The Station www.thestation.co.uk

E14: Tim Clissold - ‘China and its Poetry’

Friday 24 Sept 2021

Richmond Town Hall, DL10 4QL; 7.30pm; £10; Refreshments; Bookstall; Disabled access

Local resident and China expert, Tim Clissold shares observations and experiences from years of living in China and working in its business community, both reflected in his first two books, 'Mr China' and 'China Rules'.

According to ‘The Beijinger’, Tim’s bi-lingual third book, 'Cloud Chamber', gives “a Westerner's look at Chinese poetry, placing the poets and their work into the context of Chinese history and society through the eyes of a foreigner”, thus providing insights into a culture often felt elusive to western eyes.

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